Tattoo Cover Up

Even the most careful of tattoo collectors may need a tattoo cover up at least once in their life. Sometimes we get our tattoos young and don't research the tattoo artists thoroughly enough. We may end up with a tattoo of a heart that looks more like a kidney bean. Or perhaps some of us have gotten a tattoo with our soul mates name on it, only later to find out that they WERE NOT our soul the slightest. Those rose colored glasses can be very dangerous to walk into a tattoo shop with, but hey, it happens!

Appointment request with Guayama Ink


My Mom would like a tattoo for her birthday today and has been thinking about the image below. All black tattoo, small size, humming bird outline. We have come to your shop before. Beatty gave us both wrist tattoos.

This is the exact image, on her foot or ankle...

Thank you and hope to see you soon!

-Alexis Manias

I have Friday and Sunday available at Ink and Irons show in Long Beach California June 6th and 8th contact me via email if interested [email protected]

Tattoo photos

Breast Cancer Tattoos

Most of us know at least one person who has had breast cancer. Hopefully, the people we know that had it, survived it. Unfortunately, too many do not. It's no surprise that breast cancer tattoos are on the rise. These tattoos are becoming more popular as more awareness is being brought to the illness everyday. For some, the tattoo is a celebration of life and a triumph in fighting and winning. For others, breast cancer tattoos are a way of showing comittment to someone who is currently fighting, to prove their supporrt.

Appointment request with Mean Street Tattoos Inc

The tattoo will be an angel sheparding two kids across a bridge. And the writing In loving memory of Mary Titcombe. I would like it on my right bicep. It will be color. Also I am in the Navy and stationed in Japan so you can't reach me by phone without big charges. So please contact me by my email. I'll be back in the states next week.