Flash City Tattoo in Nashville, Tenn.

Growing up in the concrete jungle of San Fernando Valley, CA, Jason St. Clair later moved to Nashville, Tennessee and opened Flash City Tattoo after becoming interested in tattooing, thanks to a heavy inspiration of Tattoo Times books and the guys at 222.


Specializing in both Japanese and colorful tattoo work, Jason was busy drawing up his next design during our interview but I managed to borrow a few moments from his hectic life to ask him what life would be like if he wasn’t a successful tattoo artist.


My Ink Spot LLC Tattoo Shop in Hillsboro Ohio

Located in the small town of Hillsboro, Ohio, My Ink Spot LLC is owned by tattoo artist Chad Shelton, who began his career with a hobbyist interest in the art.

After completing an apprenticeship at a local tattoo shop Chad legalized a separate space in his home to begin honing his mastery in every tattoo style, from black and grey, realism, to bio-mechanical tattoos.