Appointment request with Coil and Spring Tattoo

Me and my friend have a combined value of 300 to spend on two tattoos she wanted to get a wristlet on her left wrist to cover up a name of a vine and I was wanting to get a tattoo that my friend had drwan for me it is a Skeleton head and torso that is on a tree ill bring the picture in tomorrow but I want it smaller than the picture

Forbidden Art LLC Tattoo Shop in New Orleans, Louisiana

Located in New Orleans, Louisiana, the Forbidden Art LLC tattoo shop is owned and operated by Joe and Rain, and houses a busy shop filled with five other tattoo artists, some who took time out of their busy schedules to share their love of the industry and what they do best in Louisiana (and it’s not just Fleur de Lis tattoos!)


Specializing in every tattoo style under the hot sun, Forbidden Art welcomes seasoned artists and new apprentices to their family- vibe tattoo shop.


Citizen Ink Tattoo Shop in Brooklyn NYC

Open for nearly five years, the tattoo artists at Citizen Ink tattoo shop cover Neo-Traditional, Polynesian, Traditional tattoos, Japanese, and Photorealism in their Brooklyn based studio.


Catering to all creeds and types of people in the Brooklyn area, the diverse Citizen Ink artists have tattooed over nineteen thousand people over the past five years between their shop and the many conventions they attend such as United Ink and Mario Barth’s Inked Out convention.