Appointment request with A Flying Monkey Tattoo

hello My Name is Jeriamy Edwards I would like an Appiontment it is a quick Tattoo Like 2 in a half inches to 3 inches long 1 to 2 iches wide with 3 letters 412 it is a flame i would just like the outline of the flame with 412 on the inside of the flame i do not need the tattoo higghly detailed i am looking rto spend 50 dollars maxium is 70 i mean i have 2 wuicker alternatives if that does not work out but pleasde call me on saturday because that is when i am availabe it would be better to email me than call me i have a brother coming to so if you can can i have a extra spot booked the col

Appointment request with Into The Woods Art Gallery

Hi there. Looking to book and appoint with Frank. I have a moth creature that I want to be worked over. After looking through your work It is the same new school style the moth is done in and I was hoping to get it worked on. Let me know if this will work for you. I can send images if needed. Thanks frank look forward to hearing from you.
PS it's color and on lower leg.

Custom Design a Tattoo for Dad

Isn’t it about time you showed Dad a little love?


He raised you right, provided for you, scared the monsters off from under your bed, and was probably the first person to get tattooed in the family. But that was over twenty years ago.

Since then he’s been going to work, spoiling his grandchildren, and still providing for his family.


I think Dad deserves a custom designed tattoo for Father’s Day…