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Top Five Secrets Your Tattoo Customer Keeps...

Submitted by Jodie Michalak on July 1, 2014 - 12:07pm

Our Drawing an Audience series is intended for tattoo artists looking to maximize their profit potential by using tattoo.com to build long-term relationships with both new and existing clients.


Presto chango…


Top Five Tattoo Customer Rants

Top Five Things Your Tattoo Customer Wants to Change About You


Tattoo artists have their share of complaints. Customers who are indecisive, request uninspired after uninspired design, just to name a few. These complaints are generally valid, and you’re right to have them. However, your customers wish they could change just a few things about you. Consider this your “Honey Do” list- and just do it.


Tattoo done by Matt Beckerich