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Requested by Anonymous (not verified) Mar 26, 2014 at 8:03pm | (~0M)
Elizabeth Street Tattoo
Elizabeth Street Tattoo
3730 Elizabeth St, Riverside, Riverside, California 92506 United States 1-951-369-6969
Date & Time: 

The tattoo is "Talitha Kum" in my mom's cursive handwriting. I want it on the inside of my left foot in cherry red ink. About 2-3 inches in length and 1/2-1 inch in height

If for any reason you're no longer interested in keeping this appointment please be sure to cancel it here.

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Tattoo Charlie's Tattoo Shop in Louisville, Kentucky

Submitted by Jodie Michalak on Wed, 2014-03-26 19:42

Specializing in Portraits and working magic in cover up tattoos, Tattoo Charlie’s located in Louisville, Kentucky is a welcoming shop chock-full of positive energy.


Seven talented artists occupy the friendly and well-lit atmosphere of Tattoo Charlie’s, all of which have their own art style and niche.

Do you have a bad tattoo that needs some serious fixing? The staff is likely to direct you to Eric, who has commendable experience and skill in redesigning regretful ink.


New School Tattoos at Studio Ink in Danville, KY

Submitted by Jodie Michalak on Wed, 2014-03-26 18:04


“New School” seems to be the most fitting description of Studio Ink, based in Danville, Kentucky.  This means if you want a tattoo with bright and vibrant colors, you’ve found your shop.


Offering a wide variety of artistic talent specializing in colorful tattoos and Realism, Owner of Studio Ink and professional artist Chad Sinkhorn, explains his three other tattoo artists usually put their own touch on any tattoo request that comes through his tattoo shop doors.


Infinity Tattoos

Submitted by Jodie Michalak on Wed, 2014-03-26 04:11

Nothing is as indefinite as an Infinity tattoo. A tattoo trend that's been going on for quite awhile, let’s take a look at all the many reasons people love the Infinity design…as they are endless. (If not tiring for artists who have not yet added their unique spin on the symbol of eternity.)


Popular Tattoo Trends

CALL TO ARTISTS: Become a Custom Tattoo Designer

Submitted by Naomi V on Tue, 2014-03-25 23:43

Have you ever wanted to draw tattoo designs for a living? Well here's your chance! We are looking for talented illustrators and designers to create custom tattoo designs for our customers. Experience and credentials are a plus, but are not necessary. We want to see your ART SKILLZ.


Here are some of our current illustrators/designers.


Here's what to do:


Muecke chest piece tattoo flowers skull glowing skull red flowers female ink girl tattoos chest tattoo freehand spiderweb tattoos

Muecke custom hand tattoo timepiece stopwatch clock roses rose beads ink tattoo girl tattoo

Muecke tattoo custom girl portrait clock timepiece skull blk an gry freehand ink art

The Artist Process for Custom Tattoo Designs

Submitted by Naomi V on Tue, 2014-03-25 19:07
How does the artist process work for creating custom tattoo designs? Research, concept sketching, and listening to the customer are all part of it, but what does the process actually look like? We asked designer Benjamin Wright to let us in on how he works. He's a true talent and one of our busiest tattoo designers. What he sent are a number of sketches in various stages from rough concept to final color.
Requested by Jbrickman Mar 25, 2014 at 3:17pm | Smithfield, Rhode Island (~364M)

I would like the Holy Trinity Symbol to pop out, and be creative with the Aztec design and make it look cool


I would like the Holy Trinity Symbol to pop out, and be creative with the Aztec design and make it look cool

Project Funding:
Max Budget: | Currently Funded: $10.00 | Bid Volume: 0 | Bid Range: Not yet available

Current Bids

No bids yet.
  • Placement: Half sleeve