Body Language Tattoo Interview in Astoria, NY


Located in one of the most culturally diverse cities in America and employing a nearly-all female case of tattoo artists, Body Language Tattoo strives to offer more than a traditional tattoo shop. Owners Rafael and Nicole created a space that welcomes every culture and creed. Proving that body art knows no boundaries and is only limited to the imagination.


Nipple Tattoo Interview with Mario Delgado at Moth and Dagger Tattoo Studio


Mario Delgado of Moth and Dagger Tattoo Studio in San Francisco, CA is using his talent to help women reclaim their bodies after mastectomies. Approaching the topic with passion and great sensitivity, here’s how one California man is changing lives with his art.


How many sessions are required for successful nipple tattooing?

Archie Wood of Battle Born Tattoo in Reno, NV

When he was young he loved hanging out at tattoo shops. After seeing how art had the ability to transform people and make them happy, Archie Wood of Battle Born Tattoo in Reno, NV decided to hone his skill and become a professional tattoo artist. Twelve years later and with a shop of his own, Wood continues to deliver excellence and satisfaction at one of  the friendliest tattoo shops in town.


How long have you been a professional tattoo artist?

I’ve been tattooing a little over twelve years.

Leo's Body Artz Tattoo Shop in Tulsa, OK

When other high school kids were playing after school sports or doing their homework, Leo Pittore  of Leo’s Exotic Artz in Tulsa, OK was busy learning the tattooing trade. His early childhood talent made the career choice a natural fit.


Twenty-seven years later Leo’s still passionate about the industry and is excited about the many changes he’s seen as tattoos become and even more popular and appreciated form of art.