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When other high school kids were playing after school sports or doing their homework, Leo Pittore  of Leo’s Exotic Artz in Tulsa, OK was busy learning the tattooing trade. His early childhood talent made the career choice a natural fit.


Twenty-seven years later Leo’s still passionate about the industry and is excited about the many changes he’s seen as tattoos become and even more popular and appreciated form of art.


Requested by Anonymous (not verified) Jul 17, 2014 at 8:53am | Baltimore (~59M)


Twisted Ink Tattoo OH
Twisted Ink Tattoo OH
4971 N High St, Columbus, Franklin, Ohio 43214 United States (614) 396-6646
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Tribal Sleeve- Upper outer right arm (Bicep area) is already tattooed. I want to it as full sleeve. All Black Tribal design. Musical Theme.. Please block schedule for approbate time. I will text a photo of tattoo on my arm...

So looking forward to rocking this as a full sleeve.

If for any reason you're no longer interested in keeping this appointment please be sure to cancel it here.

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