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10 of Most Creative Tattoo Fails

Submitted by Naomi V on March 10, 2015 - 5:50pm

What these particular Tattoo Fails lack in the non-tattoo fail department, they certainly make up for in creativity. They also make up for it in amusing all of you, our valued Tattoo readers. Sure, we have all seen tattoo fails that happened for the usual reasons, like poor research for the right tattoo artists, or bad spelling because of an inexperienced tattooist, or an impulse decision brought on by youth and possible substances. These unique tattoo fails are in a category all their own because they were each thought out by the wearer, and completely on purpose. No accidents here.

What Makes a Tattoo Art?

Submitted by Naomi V on March 10, 2015 - 5:05pm

Tattoos have a long and rich history that spans among cultures and classes. There are stereotypes also associated with tattoo, but things are starting to change within the realm of tattoo culture. More people from different walks of life are adoopting tattoo as an acceptable form of personal adornment. Even moreso, people are starting to see tattoo for what it is - a true artform. While tattoo art is becoming less taboo and more largely appreciated, there still are some differences between tattoos and those we can deem as tattoo art.

10 Disney Princess Tattoos

Submitted by Naomi V on March 10, 2015 - 4:38pm

What happens when little girls who've been raised on Disney movies grow up and start getting tattoos? The most amazing Disney Princess tattoos you've ever seen, that's what! Whether your favorite Disney princess has been waiting "once upon a dream" or "just around the riverbend" or even wishing in a wishing well, there is a tattoo that reflects her beauty and grace. Whether they want to admit it or not, every girl wants to grow up and become a Disney Princess (especially Cinderella!) in some way.

Jared Preslar Tattoo

Inside Look at Lucky Bamboo Tattoo [Video]

Submitted by Leo.Gomon on March 10, 2015 - 3:44pm

Lucky Bamboo Tattoo was opened in Layton, Utah seven years ago by owner/artist Jared Preslar after his experience at other shops vastly contrasted his vision for the perfect tattoo environment. Loud, aggressive, and uncomfortable, Preslar...

Inked Celebs and Tattoo Trends

Submitted by Jodie Michalak on March 10, 2015 - 11:39am

Have you been inspired for body art based on these most famous tattoos worn by  inked celebs?


Inked Celebs Who Set Tattoo Trends

Not every inked celeb starts a most famous tattoo trend. Since tattoos are just so personal, there has to be something really appealing or different for a basic tattoo design to spread like wildfire. It could merely be the star’s popularity or the designs themselves that have the following inked celebs walking the red-carpet of tattoo style.


World-Renowned Tattoo Artist Todo Brennan of ABT Tattoo

Submitted by Jodie Michalak on March 10, 2015 - 10:10am

Owner of award-winning ABT Tattoo in McDonough, Georgia, Todo Brennan is a world-renowned tattoo artist with over thirty years of experience.


Although the shops Todo tried landing apprenticeships with back in the 1980s pretty much kicked him out the door, that didn’t stop him from pursuing his dream as a professional tattoo artist.


He’s dedicated. He’s professional. He’s talented.


Here’s how one man followed his dreams and paved a road to success with his own two hands.


Best Tattoo Studios in Ontario

Submitted by Naomi V on March 10, 2015 - 3:00am

There are many tattoo studios in Ontario, but which are the best? Sometimes a great location doesn't necessarily mean that the tattoo shop itself is full of great artists. It's important to know where to get the tattoo you want, and figure out who you can trust, no matter where you are. We took a look at all the different studios and pared them down to a best of list with 10 of our top picks. The best tattoo studios have many options, and different areas of expertise.

Art Tattoos

Art Tattoo: When Ink is Fine Art

Submitted by Naomi V on March 10, 2015 - 1:33am

With newfound admiration and ever growing popularity, the tattoo industry is peaking the interest of lots of new talent and fine and visual artists with educated backgrounds. Because they are no longer considered outcasts living on the fringe of society, ink collectors and tattoo artists are now approximately 25% of the adult population. That's a fourth of all adults! Demand for ink is growing more and more and so is the need for the right talent to create them.



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