10 Tattoo Photos of Men with Mustaches

Who doesn't love mustaches? Well, even though mustaches might not be for every man (or their significant others), they are still fun to look at and admire. What's better than a great 'stache? A great 'stache with a myriad of tattoos, or course! While it may be becoming more and more comment to see among hipsters, it's also a throwback to the earlier days of tattoo history and a turn of the century style. 

Check out these 10 great photos of men sporting both a mustache and tattoos:

10 Alternative Wedding Tattoo Ideas - Page 3

Gorgeous Dia de los Muertos couple for a wedding tattoo.


Symbolic and beautiful.


10 Alternative Wedding Tattoo Ideas - Page 2

Beyond 'Til Death Do You Part.


Because Love is Love.


The date and a personal, meaningful message, to commemorate the union.

10 Alternative Wedding Tattoo Ideas

We are approaching Wedding Season once again (but isn't it always wedding season?) and with weddings come a lot of money spent on dresses, flowers, rings, and cake. Most people keep it fairly traditional, but there are always the outliers, the rebels, those people who do not like the idea of fitting in and would never conform, even on their wedding day. We know plenty of them who are fans of this site, hence the whole reason why they express themselves by getting tattoos!

10 Beautiful and Meaningful Pet Tattoos - Page 3

Gorgeous color pet tattoo by Cecil Porter.


A Purrrrfectly Purrrrty Pet Portrait of this cat.


A less common choice for a pet, but beloved nonetheless.

First Tattoo Advice

Selecting and getting your first piece of body art is a big step and does take a certain amount of commitment. What do you want for your first tattoo? Which shop should you choose? How do you know the tattoo is being applied properly? One of the first decisions to make is the piece of artwork you want for your first tattoo. Most people choose something....


10 Beautiful and Meaningful Pet Tattoos - Page 2

Our love for our pets will Live Forever.


Beautiful black and gray pet portrait.


10 Beautiful and Meaningful Pet Tattoos

Most of us have had pets throughout our lives, especially in childhood. Even if we didn't get to grow up with a beloved animal in our own households, we were very aware of the love that friends and family had for their furry family members. Pets are a source of comfort and happiness for many. However, as with all living things, pets eventually pass on, and because their lifespans are shorter than humans, we are often left with only the memory of a devoted soul that will never leave our hearts.

Rihanna: Tattoos and Meanings - Page 4

One of her first tattoos is a Pisces sign behind her right ear. It was done along with the music notes she first got before they got covered up.


On the inside of her left ear, she has the outline of a star.


Rihanna: Tattoos and Meanings - Page 3

On her left leg by her Achilles heel is a skull with a pink bow.


On her left shoulder blade is the letter “R”, which is from one of her famous albums named “R”.