Are you in Denver looking for a tattoo shop? We can help. Denver is the capital and largest city of Colorado located between the majestic Rocky Mountains to the west and the High Plains to the east. The city of Denver is surrounded by natural beauty. Lovingly nicknamed the "Mile High City," it exists exacly one mile above sea level. There is a thriving arts and music culture in this metropolis, as well as a diverse food scene that exists in the many restaurants and eateries in this city.


We can help you find the right tattoo shop for your next tattoo project in the city of Phoenix. Phoenix is the capital of Arizona, a unique city in the Southwest. Located in the Sonoran Desert, the climate of this city is subtropical, which means hot summers and warm winters. The average summer weather is one of the hottest in the whole United States. This means more opportunity to show off your skin, and your tattoos!


Are you looking for a tattoo shop in Houston? We can help you make the perfect choice and make your search fun and easy. Houston is a largely populated city in Texas, with downtown having the third tallest skyline in North America. Houston is a diverse & growing city with nearly two thirds of the city's foreign born population from South of the border in Mexico. Houston also houses NASA's Lynden B.

Los Angeles

Finding a tattoo shop in Los Angeles is relatively easy. There are tattoo shops everywhere. Maybe not on every street corner, but pretty darn close. Everyone knows that this is the home of Kat Von D and her tattoo studio, but do they know much about all the other tattoo studios in Los Angeles? Researching and finding reviews you can trust can be daunting, especially in the "City of Angels" where there are so many.



Find the right tattoo shop in the busy and historically significant city of Chicago, Illinois. Chicago is a city that represents the true values of America's working class and the American Dream. With distinct neighborhoods, there are many different tattoo shops to choose from. Chicago is a very passionate city, which of course is known through native Chicagoans undying devotion to their sports teams (which are often the subject of many tattoos for Chicago born ink enthusiasts).

Las Vegas

There are many tattoo shops in Las Vegas, Nevada. Do you know which one will be perfect for your next tattoo? We can help!
Las Vegas is known for its non-stop, ever twinkling, shimmering lights, 24 hour casino, party life.


Want to find a tattoo shop in the city of Portland, Oregon but not sure where to start? We can help. With it's official unofficial slogan, "Keep Portland Weird," you can bet that there will be no shortage of tattoo artists and tattoo shops here.

San Antonio

Find the right tattoo shop in San Antonio, Texas for your next tattoo project. We can help with your search! The City of San Antonio is one of the fastest growing cities in Texas, which also means there are more tattoo shops than ever before! This city has a rich history that is ever present in the culture and the people of San Antonio.

San Diego

San Diego is quite a large city, with many different tattoo shops to choose from. Finding a tattoo shop can be more difficult than it sounds, especially when you're new to a city. You could spend hours visiting various shops, asking around, calling around and going onto search sites looking for reviews, and still not get a clear sense of what tattoo shop is the perfect one for your specific tattoo project.