Under the Blacklight: The Scoop On UV Ink

Blacklight tattoos, also known as UV tattoos, are tattoos made using specially devised ink that is visible when seen under an ultraviolet light, or blacklight. For someone reluctant to get a traditional tattoo, perhaps because they do not want to draw attention to themselves, a blacklight tattoo is an option. If someone works in a job or profession where tattoos...

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Concerns have been expressed over the safety of UV ink tattoos.  There is no evidence to back up suggestions of a link between backlight tattoos and cancer; however, there have been some reports among dermatologists of more adverse reactions in those getting UV tattoos than with more traditional tattoos.  These reactions include infections and skin rashes.  Although a number of UV-reactive tattoo inks have obtained Food and Drug Administration approval for such pu

Earth day tattoo

10 Earth Day Tattoos

Happy Earth Day 2015 everyone! Earth Day is April 22, every year. The beginning of what we know as the environmental movement started in the 1970's. This is a day to celebrate the earth and take a look at how we can help to conserve the world we live on. With news of global warming, recycling being a part of every day life, and the continued search for more efficient and cleaner sources of energy, environmentalism is something not to be taken lightly.

wcw inked women

10 Amazing Inked Women for #WCW

It's that time of the week, and one of our favorite days, Women Crush Wednesday! Here is a list of 10 beautiful inked women to help make your Wednesday a little easier to get through. Got a #WCW suggestion? Tell us in the comment section and maybe we will feature her for next week's #WCW post! 


Without further ado, here are 10 Amazing Inked Women for YOUR #WCW: 



Military Tattoos - Page 3

Through the years, each section of the military has acquired its own set of own iconic images which often appear in military tattoos: wings or airplanes for those serving in the Air Force, a bulldog for those in the Marines and chickens or pigs for those in the Navy, usually tattooed on the feet. The stories behind these designs create a sense of tradition and camaraderie as the individuals sporting these tattoos join a historical band of brothers with shared experiences.

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The choice of tattoo design can tell you a lot about someone’s beliefs and experiences, where they have served and whether they are a member of the Army, Navy, Marines or Air Force. The chosen image can be a way of showing solidarity and national pride or can be worn as a badge of honor or as a personal memorial to honor a fallen comrade.

Sacred Geometry Tattoo - Decoding The Trend - Page 4

Other individuals choose to merge sacred geometry and tattoos, believing that positioning certain shapes over a particular part of the anatomy will enhance some aspect of their health or spirituality. While the validity of this tactic is debatable, the key element here seems to be the tattoo wearer's belief. There may indeed be a psychological influence, similar to the placebo effect.

Sacred Geometry Tattoo - Decoding The Trend - Page 3

• The octahedron, built from eight triangles, refers to air.


• The dodecahedron, composed of 12 pentagons, symbolizes spirit or ether.


• The icosahedron, made of 20 triangles, refers to water.

Sacred Geometry Tattoo - Decoding The Trend - Page 2

• The tetrahedron, with triangles on all four sides, symbolizes fire.


• The cube or hexahedron, made of six squares, represents earth.

Tattoo Machine: Artist Insights with R.H "Rob" McClurg of SikInk Studios - Page 3

Nice. What about advice for new artists looking to break into the industry?


Stay humble, loyalty is key to respect and once you get your foot in the door you need to pay your dues -and don’t give up.


Great! What about your machines? What do you use?