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• The octahedron, built from eight triangles, refers to air.


• The dodecahedron, composed of 12 pentagons, symbolizes spirit or ether.


• The icosahedron, made of 20 triangles, refers to water.

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• The tetrahedron, with triangles on all four sides, symbolizes fire.


• The cube or hexahedron, made of six squares, represents earth.

Tattoo Machine: Artist Insights with R.H "Rob" McClurg of SikInk Studios - Page 3

Nice. What about advice for new artists looking to break into the industry?


Stay humble, loyalty is key to respect and once you get your foot in the door you need to pay your dues -and don’t give up.


Great! What about your machines? What do you use?


Tattoo Machine: Artist Insights with R.H "Rob" McClurg of SikInk Studios - Page 2

Who or what inspired you?


Adam West inspired me with his ability to whip an image up with mastery and bold artistic understanding. I apprenticed under Adam in Panama City Beach, FL in 1990. The one and only time I called a Tattoo Machine a "gun", he pulled out a .38, put the barrel to my forehead, and quoted "this is a gun boy, that's a simple machine, know the difference".


Tattoo Machine: Artist Insights with R.H "Rob" McClurg of SikInk Studios

We've never featured a shop quite like SikInk Studios. Rob McClurg was nice enough to answer a few questions, share his insight about where the industry is headed, impart some advice for newcomers, and reiterates the fact that it’s a machine, not a gun. Sikink Studios Tattoo and Special FX has been open since September 2011.


Jurassic Park tattoo

10 Jawdropping Jurassic Park Tattoos

With Jurassic World coming out this Summer, a new wave of dinosaur lovers and Jurassic Park fans from many generations are being brought to light. DInosaurs have always fascinated we humans. The concept of such creatures are both mythical, scientific, and scary. Imagining these magnificent creatures roaming the earth, in so many shapes and sizes, in such primal and epic conditions, can truly capture the imagination. No movie had captured that allure like the movie Jurassic Park at the time when it came out in 1993.

Hottest Inked Adult Stars

10 Hottest Inked Adult Stars

The adult industry can be considered taboo, but there is no denying its size and popularity. Among amateurs porn free all over the internet, the industry has taken a financial hit, however, many fans of the professional porn stars have kept it alive. Influential in popular culture, some of its brightest stars have a myriad of amazing tattoos. We all know that tattoos make people hotter, so it makes sense that porn stars should have them! Here are 10 of our favorite Inked Adult Stars:


Extreme Body Modification: Beyond Tattoos and Piercing

Body modification can be broadly defined as any procedure that is commonly done to deliberately alter the appearance of the body, such as tattooing, piercing and plastic surgery. Such alterations can be for aesthetic reasons, enhanced sexual pleasure, religious beliefs and self-expression. But how far is too far? Alterations such as circumcision and the Burmese Kayan tribal custom of wearing brass rings to elongate the neck are examples of traditions and religious rites of passage with a long cultural history.

Custom Tattoo Design: From Idea to Ink - Page 3

Finally, relax and let the master do their work! A tattoo is a permanent marking, so make sure that you are completely happy with the artist's design and stencil before allowing the tattoo gun to touch you. A custom tattoo takes extra research and investment, but the results are definitely worth it!


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• Find a tattoo artist who is a good fit for the type of tattoo you want, and with whom you can communicate easily. If you aren't on the same wavelength, you are unlikely to get the tattoo you want.

• Have a clear idea of what you want. Show the artist some pictures of what you do and don't like, and come in with an idea of where you want the tattoo and how big it should be.