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First a little bit about the shop itself. I really wanted a shop that everyone would feel comfortable in, from the person getting their first tattoo or piercing, to our well decorated friends. As you enter the shop it will be unlike any you may have seen before, our waiting area is just like sitting in your own front room. The decor is up scale and modern, with an Asian flare. If you are accompanied by a friend, they can sit comfortably and watch TV/or DVDs, look through books (varied interests or flash), or look through our artist's portfolio to decide on their own new piece of art. There is a computer with Internet access for you to search for that perfect picture to have on your skin.
We also have fresh coffee (free) for you, bottled water, and sodas. Our artist is the finest and most artistic in the Central Valley, California, the USA, or world for that matter (My opinion and yes I’m prejudiced about him). My opinion is shared by many others who already carry his art work around on their body. We have one artist (the best in the world, remember), and a very experienced and talented piercer. Please look through the artist's page to see examples of his work. You will be truly amazed at what he can do, but come to the shop and look through his portfolio to be really WOWED. For those of you that thought the name “Nightwitch” has something to do with witches and covens, you couldn’t be more wrong (not that we have anything against Wicca, because we don’t). The name came from women’s aviation history, the Russian all female night bomber regiment during WWII. They were a group of young women, 16 to 17 years old when they started, and they were the most decorated Russian flying group during the war. Nicknamed the “Night Witches” by the Germans when they found out it was women bombing the …… out of them. I encourage you to follow the link below to read more about these heroic and brave women. Or better yet, come to the shop and look through the books we have on the coffee table.

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May 14, 2013

Frankie did this freehand

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