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It's much easier to unedrstnad when you put it that way!

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When I took in my idea for my foot tattoo, my asirtt said that a lot of people had brought that same picture in. He suggested that he should just draw something up on my foot. I was a little apprehensive at first b/c i wasn't sure if his design was going to be what I was looking for. I wanted cherry blossoms that looked real. I was afraid he would make them look cartoon-ish. When I went in for my appointment, I let him do what he wanted for the drawing. When I looked down when he was done, it was exactly what I wanted. I was completely happy with the results and he did an amazing job free-handing my cherry blossoms. I can't imagine it being better.You are definitely going to get a one-of-a-kind tattoo by letting your asirtt free-hand it. But if you don't like what he draws up, tell him and he should work with you until he has drawn something that you like. I'd say definitely go for it!

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