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While You Were Sleeping... He Was Dreaming of Your...

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It's true. Dreams can come true. You don't want the basic blah blah blah tattoo, and I don't blame you.


Tattoo design trends come and go, and as these trends are happening, many artists work with diligence and pride to perfect their hand in different trending styles, hoping to make an impressive mark. Others just complain about the current industry styles, unable to seek inspiration or go with the flow. (So where are the artists who enjoy a challenge, and how can you find them?)


Whether it be Realism, Fantasy, Old School or Quote and Verse tattoos, artists are constantly hit up for the same requests...infinity symbols, feather tattoos, anchors, or owls.


Do you give a hoot about being different? You don’t have to settle for flash designs. You can work with professional artists straight from your own home and request not only custom designs, but price estimates as well.


When you start following local or featured artists on, you’ll see their advancements as an artist. Perhaps you would have never considered an insect tattoo, until a local city artist posted a Black Widow crawling across the foot.


Suddenly you’re strangely inspired for a design that might fit your budget, style, and perhaps even sense of humor. From there you can contact that exact tattooist and book an appointment for a similar inspired style, or use this idea simply as a muse, provide a few more details and a budget, and send it off for further design bids.


By filtering your artist location and requesting estimates, you can decide just how far you’re willing to travel, and at what cost you’ll pay. While utilizing these key features on, you take control of your body and own your art from initial idea to the end result.


You can submit design requests by clicking here, and inquire on price estimates right here. And then go back to sleeping, while the Universe transpires to piece together artwork befit just for you. It’s all about a dreamy connection...


Click here to get proposals for a custom tattoo design 
or, if you already have a design, click here to get tattoo price estimates.


P.S. Don't let that spider bite!devil