Tips for Baring Your Sleeves

Naomi V
Posted by Naomi V Mar 27, 2014

As springtime has finally sprung, many enthusiasts are ready to show off their sleeves and flaunt their body art.


If you’re considering adding tattooed sleeves to your collection, you’ll want to heed the following tips first.


Find an Artist


First you should find an artist(s) whose work you’ll be able to commit to. While not everyone wears sleeves from the same tattooist, most do follow a game plan based on style. You can find an artist right here on that specializes in your interest, whether that be bold and colorful New School tattoos, Old School designs, or Black and Grey art.


Sun Protection


Once you’ve got your sleeves, it’s certain you’ll want to show them off. This may be a red flag if paired with the fact that you also love to bask in the California sunshine come summertime.


You’ll always need to protect your tattoos from the sun with a sunblock, regardless of location. But let’s face it: arms, face, hands and feet are exposed to the most rays, year-round.


Over time tattooed sleeves that have spent too much time in the great outdoors will likely become a faded, dark and muted mess.


In other words, be diligent in protecting and limiting your time in the sun, or you’ll end up with sleeves you’d rather cover, and what’s the point of that?


Stick with a Theme


The last consideration for tattoo sleeves is the theme. This is why a collection of Old School tattoos always works, as do Black and Grey religious pieces paired with roses, and even floral works of art.


If your design ideas are disconnected, pairing them together often paints a confusing and unappealing picture.


Perhaps it’s best to start with a few flowers, or one large Japanese Koi on your bicep, and then carefully select patterns and colors that blend harmoniously with your design.


If you stay loyal to your artists, having a discussion about future sleeve goals is an essential step in starting a sleeve collection. In the meantime, go through our image galleries located here and get inspired.


No matter what you do, remember sleeves are high maintenance when it comes to your career (you may need to keep them covered in the workplace) your personal life (do you want full sleeves on your wedding day…something to consider) or your lifestyle (back to you Surfer-girl).


If you’re ready to roll your sleeves up, make sure you’ve done all your homework first!