Tattoo Designers: Time to Clean Up Shop!

Naomi V
Posted by Naomi V Mar 3, 2014

Do you have your profile page up with portfolio pieces to show? Great! Now it's time to reassess the storefront.


Every time you respond to a custom tattoo design request, your potential client will go look up your page. Because this is the first thing they see, and the only representation they have of not only your talent and skill, but also your professionalism, attention to details, and whether or not they'd trust you to create the artwork that just might be the most important thing they get on their body, it is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT! Here are a few things to consider cleaning up, editing out, and adding to your profile page.


Tattoo Designer Profile Page Checklist:


Your Portfolio: This is why the customer comes to you in the first place, right? For your art. Your portfolio needs to be top notch. They are not only looking at your artwork. They are doing mental math, and comparing your portfolio to the other ones on the page.


  • Every piece should be a representation of your best work. There's a difference between "favorite" and "best." Every single piece you include in your portfolio needs to represent your talent and skill level. If a piece is not up to par with the others, just take it out!


  • Have at least four examples to show. Four portfolio pieces show up in the custom designers list. If you have a space that is blank, no matter how amazing the other three are, it will make you look inexperienced, lazy and unprofessional. If you only have three pieces that you're comfortable showing, it sounds like you'd better get on that fourth piece, doesn't it?


"Remember your portfolio is only as good as your weakest piece."


Profile Picture: Your profile picture should represent you as a creative professional. Now, we're not financial advisors or legal professionals, so have some fun with your picture! Definitely infuse your unique artist personality and brand. That being said, maybe leave the sloppy party pics or the overtly sexy selfies (especially that one with the duck lips…) OFF your page.


  • Keep it professional.
  • Represent yourself as an artist.
  • Make sure it's high res (it should not look pixelated or blurry).
  • It should be YOU. For example, your profile picture should not be some random cartoon character or celebrity that you relate to. You want your potential customers to relate to YOU and associate YOUR face with your name and artwork.


Biography: This is where you can build trust with your potential clients. Your biography shouldn't be so short that they literally have no clue of who you are after reading it, but it also shouldn't be so long that they get bored halfway through, or that you end up sounding completely full of yourself (believe me, it happens).


  • Talk about any professional experience you have as an artist, ESPECIALLY pertaining to tattoo.
  • Talk about your art education if applicable.
  • Talk about the medium you use most often.
  • A few personal details like your own tattoos or favorite artists can help a client relate and trust you even more.


Keep your activity feed professional! Don't post offensive or unrelated things in your feed. This is your business page! If you want a profile to post other things to, open a completely separate account for it.


In the end, customers do want the best artist, skillwise, but they also want someone who they can depend on and feel safe with. If you're the best artist in the world, but your page is sloppy, and makes the customer feel like they are not important, they WILL go elsewhere. So do yourself a favor, shape up, and keep your customers for yourself!