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Shhh...your tattoo is speaking...

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Quiet now…your tattoo has a few stories to tell.


It happens to the best of us.  We opt for a design we love, only to hear the silence when we proudly show our tattoo off. Sure your body art should solely please you; but most people still love a compliment when it comes to their expressive ink. So why does your tattoo have to speak so loud, and what is all this naysaying (or no saying) about? Your art is speaking volumes. Can you hear what it’s telling the world?


It’s not hard to decipher or crack the code. To get more tattoo appreciation, you basically need to follow these dirty little tips and secrets that your tattoo loves to reveal.


1.       Work with a reputable artist: When selecting your tattoo artist, work with the absolute best that you can afford. Find a talented artist in your area right here, or follow a respected artist to conventions and tattooing festivals.

2.       Opt for a custom tattoo: You can dream up anything your heart desires and have one of our world class tattoo designers or artists set fire to your flames. This will make your tattoo so much more unique than mass-produced flash designs. There's nothing wrong with flash, but everyone likes to stand out in a crowd, including your tattoo.

3.       Tattoo placement: If people can’t see your body art, there’s not much to say about it. Prominent spots include forearms, kneecaps, wrists, shoulders and of course the face.  (But that’s sort of risky. Don’t go there unless you’re already heavily tattooed.)

4.       It’s upside down: Don’t even get me started. I will stand so strong on this argument you WON’T push me over, yet still the world feels entitled that they should have prime viewing when it comes to your design. Use your best judgment, and be a rebel if you must. 

5.       Refrain from foreign objects and languages: As much as I love pretending I am from a different country as I am drawn to mysterious symbols that I must meticulously decipher, the fact is most people just aren’t that curious. If your tattoo doesn’t make sense at first sight, people will just sort of nod their head in confused agreement.

6.       Avoid crappy work: This goes back to number one. Bad, faded, poorly healed and crappy outlines that provide no emphasis on your art, are just not going to look good. Ensure your artist has a good and steady hand, and always follow their aftercare instructions.


While you should never wear a tattoo design to please or impress others, you likely have body art to define your style and interests and it’s nice to be noticed, right?


Follow these tips and you’re certain to get a little more love from your next piece of body art, at least from me.


Be sure to follow Yours Truly, and I’ll share my favorite designs with you as I see them (even if they’re upside down).


So turn my head!