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I Wrote Your Mom a Poem

Jodie Michalak
Posted by Jodie Michalak May 6, 2014

A Poem for Your Mom

         (From You)


Roses are Red


Violets are Blue


Here’s My Tattoo


An Ode to You


It’s Not the First One I Got


But it’s the First One You’ve Seen


And I Hope You’ll Accept Them


Because They’re Part of Me


I Didn’t Ink My Hands, My Neck or My Face


I Knew You Would Call Those a Terrible Disgrace


I Don’t Have a Tramp Stamp


And I’m Not in a Gang


I Don’t Have a Boyfriend



 (What’s His Name?)


I Will Go to College

(I Think, Not Sure How)


Things are Working Out at the Tattoo Shop

For Now


You Told Me to be Me

And This is Where I Start


So Here’s Your Tattoo…

It Says Mom


(With a heart…)


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