Hot Spots for Your Next Tattoo Design

Jodie Michalak
Posted by Jodie Michalak Mar 31, 2014

Just as tattoo trends come and go, placement has a way of playing peek-a-boo with current style.


The following fresh tattoo design spots can take any design to new fashion heights, so go ahead and flaunt a little…or a lot. If you fancy something unique, be sure to submit a Custom Tattoo Request and our listed artists from all over the country will design something worth sharing, or bearing privately.


Nape of Neck

While not really a new tattoo placement suggestion the nape of the neck still holds major appeal for gals with long hair who want options. Whether it’s an Infinity tattoo or a lone feather, inking it on the back of your neck means it’s easy to cover…should there arrive a time or occasion.



Finger tattoos have a bad reputation because they are prone to fading. Any artist worthy of your business should explain this to you, but it’s O.K. if you just tell them to Shhh….and do it anyway. Cursive words inked on the inner finger are currently one of the hottest tattoo trends. Before you ink, use that finger to think…and if it’s still in the plans, make that mark short and sweet.


I love upper thigh tattoos because they are hidden and can be quite sexy for any unsuspecting partners. Ribbons, garter tattoos and lace details make leg tattoos just about as feminine as you can you get. If you tend to hold weight in your inner thighs, opt for frontal placement instead.


Inner Wrists

The best part about wrist tattoos is that you see them daily, and they physically aren’t large enough to regret. They still take some guts too, so don’t let their minute size deter you from making your statement. Once you have a wrist tattoo, you’ll understand why they are a favorite tattoo placement. Not every tattoo has to be big to make a mark. Verses, small symbol tattoos and tokens of faith or spiritual designs fit perfectly in this highly visible tattoo spot.


Outer Arm

For those who favor really unique tattoo placement, consider your outer arms on the back of your biceps. Verses really look pretty sweet here, though I doubt you’ll ever read them. Instead take their linear approach and tattoo something long and lean to define your muscle. Perfect for baring during the summer months with a sundress or tank top, if you’ve been lifting weights and staying and shape, your arms deserve a little recognition.


No matter where you place your next tattoo, be sure to spend time thinking the design through and finding the right artist for the job. You can discover talented artists right in your area by searching on From there, throw a few ideas his way and listen to his tips and advice. So long as you plan the design and placement carefully, your tattoo will be worthy of flaunting, whether that be on the beach or in the bedroom. Now that’s hot.