Go Tell It on the Mountain... Sharing Artist Reviews on Tattoo.com

Jodie Michalak
Posted by Jodie Michalak Mar 17, 2014

Leaving an artist review on tattoo.com is a useful way to help other enthusiasts find a credible artist for their work. What takes just a moment for you can help someone else get a great tattoo or avoid a permanent mistake down the road. Whether the artist was clean and professional or the space shoddy and unsterile both reviews are beneficial to help the artist  promote themselves and grow through the honest feedback of customers.


How to Write a Review

Reviews aren’t difficult to write. They don’t have to be paragraphs long or carry on about insignificant details. Rather, focus your artist reviews on all of the basics. Who, what, when, where, why… and how things turned out. Most people will briefly skim reviews with a grain of salt, unless you’re hoping to take an artist down in a blaze of glory because you are unhappy with your tattoo, and would rather vent than try to remedy. Remember for the sake of relationships, you should always first contact your tattoo artist if you are unsatisfied. Most of them would much rather work with you to make you happy than cringe at your public rant later. Call the shop or go in person and be honest with your current gripe. If it’s a fixable mistake they’ll likely sit you down and do their best to make you happy.


When You Feel Thrilled

It's OK to scream it from a rooftop. It really is. Most artists love the adoration of their followers, so be sure to speak up when you've got some love to share. If she takes the time, steers you in the right direction and never lets you down, you owe it to her to say something in a big way. Reviews are good for that and good for her business. So don't be shy. Speak up!


When You Must Leave a Negative Review

Certain things must be said. Unsafe and unsterile practices are one such example. You may first, again, let your artist know of your concern, but never feel sorry for helping to shut down shops that are downright dirty. At tattoo.com, we want our artists and enthusiasts to connect and form professional relationships within the industry, with both respect and integrity for the craft.


Why Reviews Matter

Reviews are a strong foundation point for anyone hoping to brand themselves and form an audience, so please share your experience after receiving a tattoo or a custom art request by visiting your artist’s member profile here on tattoo.com. He’ll appreciate your efforts, and so will the many enthusiasts after you who just want a beautiful tattoo. Do your part for the love of art!


To review a tattoo artist or a shop click here: http://www.tattoo.com/add/review


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