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Tattoo Artists, Pack Your Bags...This is Going to Be a Trip!

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Drawing an Audience: Part Two

Our Drawing an Audience series is intended for tattoo artists looking to maximize thier profit potential by using to build long-term relationships with both new and existing clients.


Some of our best ideas often come in the middle of the night.

For you, that might mean updating your member profile on, and uploading all those sweet tattoos and designs you sketched this past weekend.

For your potential customer, let's call him Bob, that may include an impromptu trip to the British Isles. It is there he will sit at the airport, scrolling through his emails, when Bob suddenly gets the idea to book his next tattoo appointment. Where to? Who knows?

The tattooing world awaits at his fingertips. Bob will access thousands of potential artists on the plane, as he flies right over your shop, including that mighty fine sign you just added to the building. The truth is he didn't see your business sign, because as you've likely noticed most people are glued to their Smartphones, and he is 10,000 feet in the air. (Give him a break, life is rough.) It is right there in the sky that he will begin checking artist profiles on, scoping out talent, while requesting unique custom design ideas, along with a bag of peanuts.

Back in the day, potential clients pounded the pavement in search for shops and went through albums of flash with excitement. But today that's just not happening. The Old School rules have changed, and if you aren't promoting yourself via the Internet, you'll just be the shop he flies by at night.

Let's make a DETOUR.

You do remember our discussion about portfolios last week? When you register with, creating an account and updated profile of your personal and professional accomplishments is paramount. Happily, our exclusive Tatsnaps app (available free on iTunes) makes assembling, polishing and evolving your portfolio a piece of cake.

Once you become and stay active, you'll rank higher in our artist list rankings, increasing your exposure. So no matter how far your client needs to travel, we'll beam a light on you. And remember most people will seek artists in their OWN proximity first. Except perhaps Bob on the plane, as he is off to a destination unbeknownst). No worries, he'll return once he sees your art. They always come back.

Tattoos are permanent. But the business of designing, applying and promoting them has changed. And the rate of change, as we hope to explore in future columns, is only going to accelerate fast, you won't believe what's looming ahead. But as a member of you'll be positioned to fly these uncharted skies with confidence, anticipation, and an eye for opportunity. Update your photos and keep your profile polished, and get ready to soar...


Upload photos using your browser:

Upload photos from your iPhone:

P.S. And be prepared for a safe landing. Do the work and upload your work, because it works. An unlike Bob, somebody has to.

P.P.S. Bob's real name has been changed to protect his identity.




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