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Jodie Michalak
Posted by Jodie Michalak Feb 28, 2014

Hi [current-user:name],

Are you ready to start using to maximize your profit potential while building long-term relationships with both new and existing clients?

Over the past year, has worked diligently within the community and with member tattoo artists to create a unique system of online tools that will help organize the industry and make it much more efficient.

From booking appointments, to following artists and searching for talent within a geo-proximity, these online tools will help both enthusiasts and tattoo artists network and create relationships like never before.

My name is Jodie Michalak and I have professionally written and created editorial content for the Tattoo Industry for six long and passionate years and I understand the fundamentals of building relationships and the importance of client retention.  I am both honored and excited to help unveil this unique program developed to assist artist members take full advantage of our site, while increasing loyalty, profitability and customer base.

If you are service oriented and have the talent and skills, we want to help you shine within the industry. We'll show you how to build your presence on, give your work worldwide exposure, and maximize potential profits while earning a professional reputation.

Stay tuned for all of our exciting program details. We look forward to being part of your future success!


In the meanwhile, check out the latest work posted by our growing community of tattoo artists.


Jodie Michalak

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