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Stop Reading My Tattoo Diary...and Other Dirty Confessions

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Drawing an Audience: Part Six

Our Drawing an Audience series is intended for tattoo artists looking to maximize their profit potential by using to build long-term relationships with both new and existing clients.


So here’s my tattoo diary and I guess you found a page.  It’s not exactly how I wanted to meet but it is what it is. Perhaps you’ve been reading this for a while, or maybe this is your first peek into my world. Either way welcome, and please excuse any imperfections.


Opening yourself and your thoughts to complete strangers through a blogging platform can be a little nervewracking. But the good news is you get to hide behind a monitor, in your pajamas if you'd like.


Even still you are drawing an audience and you better use that stage to give them all you’ve got.


Break a… never mind. How about BLOW them away…with these tattoo artist blogging tips.


(There now, that’s more like it.)


P.S. You can keep checking me out by following my Member Profile. Once I save a picture it will show up in your feed. Who knows, perhaps I’m peeping at you too. In my pajamas. kiss

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