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Desperately Seeking an Artist Named Susan

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Drawing an Audience: Part Four

Our Drawing an Audience series is intended for tattoo artists looking to maximize their profit potential by using to build long-term relationships with both new and existing clients.

Some people just know what they want and they aren’t afraid to ask for it.
Whether it’s a Lady, a Gent, an Oldtimer, or a Rookie, there’s someone for everyone.
One of the many advantages of being a member on includes the opportunity for potential business leads, without having to wait for customers to walk through the door or mingle through your albums of flash without a genuine interest in sealing the deal.
Enthusiasts that visit are usually ready to make some sort of connection and artist commitment.
This means they may submit a Custom Design Request or a Tattoo Estimate Request, or they’re browsing artists within their own vicinity to discover a talented tattooist who matches exactly the talent and style they’ve been seeking.
It’s sort of like being at the right place at the right time. The more active you are on your own Member Profile (which includes uploading all your recent work, posting stories and events) the more profile visits you’ll receive, and perhaps strike an interest from someone who'd have otherwise missed you.
At, we know pictures can speak a thousand words. It’s not all that difficult to attract an interested prospect when you’re active and putting your best foot forward.
Once you visit the leads listed within your account page (available for featured accounts), it’s up to you to reach out and make the connection, so don’t be a wallflower! 
Tip: To view leads, log in to your account and click the Leads tab. Here's a screenshot:
Your leads tab
A brief introduction and a keen and genuine interest in their inquiry is all you need to get your foot in the door. 
The key is you need to act fast! Your potential buyer knows what she wants, and she likely isn’t willing to wait for too long. Before you know it another artist is certain to sweep her off her feet, and that’s exactly how an open door closes.
In addition to scoping out the Requests on, you may occasionally receive emails from us notifying you of any new enthusiasts in your area who are also actively seeking art. These emails are not spam, so when you receive notifications, be sure to open them so that you too, can start building your professional relationships with prospects right in your own back yard.
Log in to your account to start connecting with your leads and reply to this email if you feel you could use even more.
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Drawing an Audience