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Secrets of the Tattoo Whisperer

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Drawing an Audience: Part Eleven


Our Drawing an Audience series is intended for tattoo artists looking to maximize their profit potential by using to build long-term relationships with both new and existing clients.


“But you see Annie, where there's pain, there's still feeling and where there's feeling, there's hope.” - The Horse Whisperer


You could become the next tattoo whisperer.

This won’t hurt a bit…I promise.


OK that’s probably something you’ve never said, but wouldn’t those words be golden if they were true?


Many people avoid tattoos simply because of their fear of pain.


They’ll go through their whole lives experiencing birth, accidents, surgeries, shots, falls on slippery ice, and perhaps something even greater, yet the idea of needles is truly terrifying.


What if you had the unique ability to put people at ease, in spite of their tattooing fears and woes?


You could become a tattoo whisperer with these 5 tips. And you remember how successful Robert Redford's Horse Whisperer movie was, right?


Go ahead and tame a wild or timid one with these tips.


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Drawing an Audience