Drawing an Audience: Part One

Jodie Michalak
Posted by Jodie Michalak Mar 3, 2014

The Stage is Yours

From the moment an enthusiast sees your profile, half of your work is already done. You came, he saw, and now it’s time to conquer.


Consider this: Most enthusiasts have likely pondered a tattoo design for quite some time. They may be visiting Tattoo.com solely to connect their body art ambitions together. From the style, the design, to the distance, and cost he’s willing to invest to bring his ideas to life, he still needs one thing. YOU the Artist.


Showcase Your Profile


What are clients here to see? Body art!  You're judged mainly by your work so upload the best of it here: http://www.tattoo.com/upload


Your artist profile is the most essential step in building your reputation (and earning business) so make it count. High quality images are a vital aspect of promoting your work and talent as an artist. As you begin building your profile page, you’ll want to highlight your capabilities with images that visually speak to your visitors. Once you showcase your artistic talent, you’ll draw an audience.


Download our app, TatSnaps, for free from iTunes and use it to snap images of fresh tattoos and instantly share them on your tattoo.com profile with your followers, right from your iPhones or iPad. Of course, if you prefer, you may just as easily upload photos directly to our site.


Once he lands on your profile page, it's up to you to make the sale. The more you practice and utilize Tattoo.com tools and functions, the more successful and confident you’ll become, and the more opportunities you’ll find. 


Whatever you do, don’t give up. Remember that building a member profile and a reputation takes some time. You aren’t in this for quick, easy-come, easy-go sales. You want to establish RELATIONSHIPS, with customers who will seek your artistry time and time again, and refer you to his friends and family. 


Go ahead and begin testing the waters. Take a few Tatsnaps and start building your name.  No one is going to do it for you, and it couldn’t be easier to promote yourself with our streamlined yet professional tools. Master the art of drawing an audience and the stage is yours!


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Image credit: Mike DeVries




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