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The Art of the Matter

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It’s true. We all care about our finances, as we rightfully should. Money drives our decisions and is usually the bottom line in any business venture. It’s no wonder so many tattoo enthusiasts request tattoo estimates before stepping foot into the tattoo studio.


Does the saying “If you have to ask, you can’t afford it?” ring true for custom tattoo estimates? What should you do when you want an incredible piece of body art, but can’t afford the services of an established artist with a reputable set of skills?


Don’t go broke. And don’t think you can’t afford an amazing piece of body art.


Scan through our Member Profiles at and check out all the tattoo artist talent. Then get some tips that will put an end to your search.


Think you can’t afford the best? Sure you can. You just need to scout the artist before everyone else.


Here’s wise advice you can take to the bank. Check out the list and discover true talent.