#1 Reason to Love a Cancellation

Jodie Michalak
Posted by Jodie Michalak Apr 30, 2014


Our Drawing an Audience series is intended for tattoo artists looking to maximize their profit potential by using tattoo.com to build long-term relationships with both new and existing clients.


Perhaps you’re reading this because your client didn’t show up to today’s appointment. Rather than be bitter, let’s use this time to figure out how to prevent this from happening again.


Sure you could result to the more drastic extremes, banning their business, stabbing the Voodoo doll, or succumbing to a little road rage on the way home.  But that won’t change things.


Instead, you could start taking deposits that pay you to sit and read this, so that when your customer decides it’s not the right place or time, it’s not on your dime.


Here’s how…

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