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Oh wow this came out amazing!

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I couldn't be happier.... Thanks Again, Angel...

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haha I"m glad you like it man!
Hey would you mind if I asked you a few questions about the tattoo artist who did this?
Our administrator really likes how this came out, and she wanted to do a little write up about it!

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No problem... ask away...

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haha awesome!

alright,so first off do you have the name of your actual tattoo artist, and his shop?
and what was his opinion of the design I created?
and lastly, Did he say anything else that stuck out about the design, or just in general the whole idea of having someone design your tattoo online?

haha that should be it! This should help promote the site/me/and quite possibly your tattoo artist so get back to me whenever you can! no rush!

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The name of the shop is The Ink Spot located in Casper, Wy.
Cyndy Canfield was my artist and is also the shop owner. She does a lot if bucking horse tattoos and was very taken with Angel's design. I was unable to post links, but she is easily googled.

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this will do perfectly! thanks again man! I'm glad your tattoo came out great!

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Newly finished tattoo drawn by Angel Muro....

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