22632 Lambert St
Lake ForestOrange, California 92630
United States
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I am merely a man; suffocated by art. I am a southern California native who loves life and all of the art in it. I grew up with a pencil in my hand and an unrelenting passion for illustration. I fell in love with tattoo art and culture at a very young age and received my first tattoo at the legal age of 18. I did my first few tattoos in 2006 while studying fine art in college. After a bit of development and some real soul searching, I began tattooing full-time in 2007. I was fortunate enough to land a JOB WITH Mike Devries at the end of 2009 and worked there at his shop until mid 2012. I learned an entirely new skill set and approach to tattooing while working alongside the amazing crew. I'm very grateful for the time that I spent there, the knowledge I gained from all of the artists, and the friends I have made.
In the summer of 2011, I competed in and won the title of the reality television show, "Best Ink", a tattoo competition which aired nationally. I am fortunate enough to be an award-winning artist and to have had my art and tattoo work published in several magazines and books. I constantly strive to progress and to stay versatile as an artist. The art of tattooing is sacred to me and I am honored to be a part of such an amazing community of artists.
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