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Hello! My name is Maksims Zotovs, but my friends, clients and fans know me as LAKY. I am 26 years old. Im from Riga, its the capital city of Latvia. I have been four years in the tattoo industry. From an early age I started to draw, then I went to an architect college where i had to draw most of the time i spent there and then I started to think what could i do with my drawing talent because I realised that architecture is not my cup of tee. I wanted to do some changes in my life and i wanted to commit my life with art. Then i started to think about tattoo art. Only because of wanting to make some changes in my life i became a tattoo artist. My journey as a tattoo artist began back in 2009 when i bought my first tattoo beginner kit.
Now when i look back at those days when I just started and went through hard times, I can definitely say that I will make tattoos for the rest of my life. I never looked up to a roll model, I had a brilliant teacher who told me everything he knew about tattoo industry and guided me to success. I will always be thankfull to him. Hopefully in the future i will be one of the best horror tattoo artists. I am happy with all my success at the moment, but as we all, I want to improve my tattooing skills and prove to none but myself that i can do better. Well, I think people are coming to me to get a tattoo because no one can COPY - PASTE my style, I always have different tattoo ideas for different people, to have an unique idea you need to learn how to read each personality. Im always happy with my customers, they always come to me with a smile on their faces and it gives me positive energy for the rest of the day. Out of tattooing i get positive vibes, I’m improving my skills with every tattoo. Tattooing makes me happy and i always wake up with a smile on my face because I know that i will learn something new. The most weird and funny tattoo I have ever made was on the guys bum ,,PORCELAIN PACKAGE,, lettering. Other part of my life is extreme sports such as snowboarding and skateboarding. My plans for the future are to open my own studio, travel to different countries and share my experience with other tattoo artists. As all other people I have ups and downs, but I always have support form my family, my girlfriend and friends, Killer Ink Tattoo Team, French Touch Colors Team, Turanium Machine Team. It helps me to be who i am now.

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