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Juan Cabrera

25901 Interstate 45 North Unit D
The Woodlands, Texas 77373
United States

Owner and creator of Superchango Studio, established in June of 2003, Juan Cabrera has been tattooing for over 10 years now. He is a very talented artist who not only loves tattooing but working with other medias as well such as painting with watercolor and acrylics and drawing with pastels and charcoal. He has worked along side and learned from some really great artist in our industry. All the while soaking up technique and education from artists he is inspired by. Juan, himself, has work from great artists such as Robert Hernandez, Chris Trevino, Cory Kruger, Mike Cole, Cleen Rock One and Grime, just to name a few. His passion for tattooing started very young. He received his first tattoo at 14 and was hooked. Already developing an affinity for art, Juan continued to get tattooed and draw. He remained in the local music scene where tattooing and being tattooed is a way of life. He met a few local artists and began an apprenticeship under Nathan Beavers, friend and mentor. Now over 10 years later Juan has done some amazing work, winning awards from his peers and having several magazine articles done on his work. Juan has put together an amazing group of talent in his shop,something he is very proud of. In creating Superchango, Juan took all the things he valued in shops he had seen and implemented them to make one strong, creative & successful Tattoo Studio. Juan's passion for art shows in his eclectic tattoo style. He is able to custom design anything from Japanese to new school and he does amazing portraits both color and black and grey. He is a very well rounded artist as you can see by his album. For consults or questions for Juan you can contact him here on our FB fan page. Also see our website for more info.

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