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My name is Jodie Michalak and this is my formal introduction as Editor and Spokesperson for (which is sort of awkward because self-promotion can be). Hence it’s my job and I can do it better than most. So here I am, typing away on a keyboard hoping it somehow unveils my deepest thoughts about my place in the tattoo industry and my role with I am a woman, a mother, a writer and a tattoo “enthusiast,” although I am not really sure what that means. I got my first tattoo twenty years ago, merely because I was a little wild. Tattoos are addictive, so I am glad I stopped at three during that impressionable time in my life.
Over the past six years I have professionally contributed over 1500 articles to the tattoo and beauty industry, both of which I am very passionate about. As the world of tattooing evolves our industry needs a voice, someone who can relate to the single mom wanting her first tattoo, the father who lost his wife, or the woman looking for a design to cover her mastectomy scars. Having compassion, wisdom, intuition, a genuine interest in people, and an artistic eye, has helped me embrace the beauty of the craft, allowing me to help connect people with artists, designs and ideas. This is my opportunity to influence the industry and drive it to what it should be- an embraced and respected medium of self-expression, and a means for making all those significant moments in life permanent. I have a passion for vintage things and pretty styles. I am Feminine. I am a Dreamer. A hopeless romantic. A bit of a rebel. I like creepy things. And I always try to look on the bright side of life. I love tattoos that carry personal meaning, although I know not everyone does. I fancy Old School tattoos, gypsies, roses and insects. I also like Script tattoos, when written in a different language of course. I think body art is mysterious. I like hidden tattoos and body piercings. There's something sexy about just getting a small glimpse of who someone truly is... so this is all you get.

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April 5, 2014

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