BrooklynNew York
United States
Ranked 2059 with: 18 photos, 14 collections, 16 followers and 1 following name is 230, I am 25 years old from Brooklyn N.Y. I am an artist/ designer. I have a love for tattoos. The artists that I am very inspired by is Mr Kaves, Mister Cartoon, Freddy Negrete, and Jack Rudy. I am also very inspired by music and film, currently the 1930's and hip hop. I like to keep my work personal and meaningful. I am open minded yet disciplined in my work. With that being said, I have made great customer relationships and hope to expand my art on the bodies of thousands of people permanently around the world. I look forward to working with you.

Comments by itz230

April 3, 2015

Hello Cameron I would be very interested in working on this piece... would you be interested in a sketch?

April 3, 2015

Hello Nick. .. Are you still interested in a design? This really caught my attention... and I would like to put in a sketch

May 12, 2014

Yes sir unless you have any changes or additives in mind?

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