InkStainz Roosevelt is part of a chain of tattoo shops going all the way from Memphis, TN to your Sunshine State, Florida and has been around for over 10 years. Owned by an amazing Tattoo & Piercing artist Jaxx, with 24+ years of experience, here we only hire the best of the best! Our shop is based on any and every style on tattooing (from traditional, neo traditional, realism, trash art etc.), which makes it perfect for the different preferences of any person. Our belief is that versatility is what makes a well-rounded tattoo shop! We never stop learning and that is why we keep evolving artistically and professionally. The names of the members of our epic tattoo family are Jaxx (shop owner), Big D (tattoo artist), Chaz (tattoo artist), and Amber-Lee (tattoo apprentice).
After long years of moving Inkstainz from place to place, this shop has been at our current location since April 2013. We are open from Tuesday thru Saturday and for Mondays and Sundays it is by appointments only depending on the artist. Well, enough of this small talk, we'll let our work speak for itself!
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