Heaven and hell

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Heaven and hell

Requested by edgar.dalanon.9 Aug 19, 2013 at 1:12am | Silver Spring, Maryland (~2,419M)

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Zeljko Z Srdic
Estimate: $400.00
Budget: $400.00

I would like a sleeve to depict heaven and hell such as the attached photo.
Except I would like the same exact angel design at the top, the middle would resemble life on earth except my version which would incorporate an island theme like palm trees and a beach for my pacific island background. Then I want the same exact bottom piece resembling hell.

  • Placement: Full sleeve
  • Color: Color
  • Detail level: Medium
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Zeljko Z Srdic

I can do this for you. Please

I can do this for you. Please note that you are here paying only for the design, not tattoo work. Click on my name and check out my portfolio. Once you add a small deposit via Paypal(usually 25%) from your total budget, we artists start sketching. Then we upload sketches here for you to see. You give us feedback. Then you choose your artist (based on sketches)and add rest of the funds so he/she finishes this design for you. Let me know. Thanks. Z

funded of $400.00 budget
days to go
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