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As early as I can remember, art has been my passion and calling. Drawing, sketching, painting, tagging, you name it. It wasn’t until I began searching for a new outlet for my artistic expression, that I found the world of Tattoo and Body Modification. At 18 years old, I was fortunate enough to begin an apprenticeship under Mike Cruze with Trial By Ink Tattoo on the South Side of Chicago, where I learned the basics of how to refine my natural abilities, and utilize them to create amazing pieces of body art. With a solid base to build on, I then proceeded to perfect my craft with my work at the world famous Jade Dragon Tattoo, where I was fortunate enough to work with and learn from the Legendary Fat Joe Scapini, RIP. My love is for all things tattoo, but I would have to say my favorite and most notable topics are photo-realism and black and grey work.
However, I continue to pride myself on the idea that perfection isn’t good enough, and I believe with an open mind I will continue to learn new things everyday to better serve this industry as an artist!

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