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Over the past years im being really interested in Nordic tatoo design and animal tatoo and some fantasy stuff, Nature design and portraits. I have 2 tatoo`s on my right and left arm. On my right arm in the middle i have a viking with a horn helmet very much look like Odin in grey black. On the top left arm i have a round tatoo with all runes around and a valknut in the middle all in black. My next tatoo will be a long haired blond woman holding a viking skull with a horn helmet on the top of my back in the middle. After that my next project will be a wolf tatoo on my left arm under my valknut-rune tatoo. I also have a idea writing something with gothic words from the havamal over my viking tatoo. Sometime im gonna have the Dio Logo maybe on my back leg but so far its only in the future.
I have so many ideas at the moment i sometimes change my mind but im always open to ideas as a tatoo is something you will have for the rest of your life. This is a good place for sharing ideas and find inspiration.

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