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Flower tattoos comprise some of the most versatile and symbolic tattoo designs. Flowers are regarded as beautiful and important in virtually every culture around the world. Different flowers symbolize different things and are the perfect inspiration for a unique flower tattoo. Flowers are elegant and sexy and their colorful and intricate petals are perfect for tattoo designs. In addition to this, flower tattoos have rich symbolism that makes the tattoos even more personal. Many people are hesitant about getting flower tattoos because they think it is a “cookie cutter” pattern that is too generic but this does not necessarily have to be the case. Instead of opting for a boring tattoo design one could design a lavish arrangement of flowers with bees or hummingbirds in a combination of bright colors. Flower tattoos also go great with other tattoo designs and motifs such as tribal patterns and crosses. Some of the most common flowers people tattoo is the lotus flower symbolizing clarity of the mind and heart, the lily flowers symbolizing virginity and purity, the hibiscus symbolizing delicate beauty, and lastly the daisy symbolizing innocence. Something that is convenient about a flower tattoo is that it can look good virtually anywhere on the body. Girls can get flower tattoos on their upper shoulders for a sexy and seductive look or even as a tramp stamp for a naughty way to express themselves. Flower tattoos are not just limited to women. Many guys are seen with flower tattoos incorporated with inspired from Polynesian artwork from Hawaii and from the Maori. Some of the Hawaiian inspired flower tattoos are so large that they may take up an entire arm and shoulder or the entire back. These types of flowers are usually accompanies by vines, waves, hummingbirds, serpents, and other tropical images while maintaining the flower arrangement.

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