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Nottingham, Maryland
Fidelity Tattoo Co. was formed in 2013, after our owner/ artist purchased, and transformed, former 18 year established tattoo studio, Sins of the Skin. With clients satisfaction and experience in mind, FTC was created to provide a new and improved tattoo and piercing experience. Offering a progressive yet cozy studio, suitable for little Suzi's ear piercings, as well as Tommy's custom throat tattoo, we can accomodate both the novice and the seasoned patron. Concentrating on high caliber custom artwork, body modification and jewelry that reflects our high standards and respect for an ever growing and changing industry, our focus is on providing the best work possible in a pleasant, non-exclusionary atmosphere. With our knowledgeable staff of artists, we are devoted to providing the Maryland and tri-state area with the maximum quality of service, centered on both your health and safety as well as giving you the best practices possible.