310 S Miller Ave
GilletteWyoming 82716
United States
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Has been in bussiness for over 4yrs, we take pride in customer service and the creation of clean and one of a kind artwork for our clients. As a shop owner and artist, John Harvey has a great dexterity skill that allows him to stay on top of the competition. In a community with good jobs and a well funded economy tattooing is not viewed as a luxary, our shop is built on the loyal customers we have and enjoy all of the relationships we share with all of them. Courtney Reimer has developed the most important skill of all not only from a professional stand point but from a personal level as well. Tattooing is as personal as it comes and having patience with a person can make their first tattoo the most memorial. Courtney's tattooing has developed in such a short time. In alittle over 2yrs her lettering have been taken to another level.
Any size, any font , any where she truely has a skill for this hands down. We also our honored to share the place we call home with some guest artist's that like to drop in the shop when they can. Heather Maranda out of Casper Wyoming, Ed Lee out of Colorado Springs Colorado and Jason Haugen out of California. These artist's come to Felony Ink because of the clean, positive envoirment we provide for them to create their master pieces for the local fans they have. We hope to see u at Felony Ink Tattoo's

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