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We have become known as the best and most comfortable tattoo shop around. We pride ourselves on the fact that we make sure that the client is #1 and will go to any length to make sure you are getting the precise tattoo that you have always wanted! We are a more custom shop but also have an extensive selection of tattoo flash for you to look through. We are a very reputable shop and have been featured on Tim T's Reality TV based right here out of St. Louis! You can be safe in knowing that we are a 100% sterile environment that uses all new pre-sterilized needles with every customer and have our auto clave spore tested once a week and have all the records if you are interested in seeing them.
We have been around for 8 years and have heard a lot of rumors that people have started and we are here to tell you that these rumors are started by disgruntle ex-employees or other shops that hate seeing us continue to be successful. We find it quite flattering that people take so much time out o Established in 2005 When Extreme Lifestyles first started, I wanted to build a shop where people would feel comfortable and not pressured, an environment that was more like you were hanging out then inside a business. Over the years we have worked towards maintaining that personification and are pleased to say that people do generally have a good time when the come and get tattoo work or a piercing done at Extreme Lifestyles. Why not check us out for your selves and let us know what you think.
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