Dolly Llama Tattoos - Review - Generally, tattoo artist come with some form of ego. I had walked...

Marcus Collins
Posted by Marcus Collins Sep 4, 2013
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Generally, tattoo artist come with some form of ego. I had walked out of many studios becasue the artists (mainly,but not always,the dudes) had the machismo turned up way to high. As a client, you run into this a lot in the tattoo world. Artists that lack interpersonal skills. They are socially awkward and make you feel like the questions you are asking are stupid. The ladies at Dolly Llama are quite teh opposite. In one word..Amazing. You're greeted as soon as you walk through the door, and there are no ego's here. Best of all, being business owners, they listen to the client and appreciate them. First tattoo? This is where you want to go. They'll take the time to walk you through whats going to be involved. The conversation in the studio engulfs everyone, and reminded me of the old school barbershops! A great time! Did I mention that the interns are just as amazing? Cee Jay and Dani have a great group of young, talented artist!
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