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A small warbler finch with orchid flowers on each side and a two part banner that has a quote.

Design Request

A small warbler finch with orchid flowers on each side and a two part banner that has a quote.

Kt McBride
Requested by Kt McBride Mar 5, 2014 at 9:04pm | Knoxville, Tennessee (~412M)

Request status: Closed Without a Winner

A winner was not selected. This request is now closed.


Current Bids

Benjamin Wright
Estimate: $100.00
Naomi Tattoo
Estimate: $110.00
Angel Muro
Estimate: $125.00
Estimate: $125.00
Estimate: $125.00
Budget: $125.00

This is a tattoo inspired by Charles Darwin (really nerdy, I know), but it's also pretty simple. All I want basically is a simple picture (sketch-like if possible) of a Warbler Finch facing to the right, with a two part banner, one part on the top which goes to wrap around behind the bird of and then goes across the bottom, sort of in a "Z" shape, I though it would be neat if it looked like the finch was perched on the bottom part of the banner. On the right and left sides of the bird are two orchid flowers. The top portion of the banner should say "There is much grandeur" and the bottom part of the banner would say "in this view of life". By the way, the whole thing should be black and white. Thanks!

  • Placement: Upper back
  • Color: Black and gray
  • Detail level: Medium

Concept Sketches


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Naomi Tattoo

Really great request. Thank

Really great request. Thank you for all the detail in your description. This is quite a lot of work, which I would really like to do for you. In order for me to give you a worthy concept sketch, can you add a bit more to your funds? Maybe an extra $15, that would really get myself and I'm sure other artists busy sketching for this!


Hey Kt,

Hey Kt,
I did a sketch of your idea. I can clean the text up if you'd like, but I tried to keep the finch and orchids sketchy as per your request. Let me know what you think, thanks!

Image type: 
Concept sketch

Any feedback on the design?

Any feedback on the design? Thoughts/changes?

Korey Kyle

Still looking for a concept

Still looking for a concept on this one?


hey hey here is a rough

hey hey here is a rough sketch let me know what you think ;-)

Image type: 
Concept sketch
Benjamin Wright



Here is my concept, I hope you like it :)

I have gone for a sketchy feel to it, if you do want it more polished, thats not a problem either :) s far as font goes, I have gone for a handwritten feel to tie in with the feel of the design, again if you wanted that changed that wont be a problem...

Look forward to your feedback :)

funded of $125.00 budget
days to go
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