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poker cards of my life, las cartas de juego de mi vida

Requested by ionflux Mar 4, 2014 at 10:47am | Antioquia (~2,273M)

Request type: A custom design | Status: Closed Without a Winner

A winner was not selected. This request is now closed.

Project Funding:
Max Budget: $100.00 | Currently Funded: $40.00 | Bid Volume: 3 | Bid Range: $100.00-$100.00

Current Bids

Angel Muro: $100.00
Lizzie Oxford: $100.00
djRetroid: $100.00

As represented by the diamond sign Taurus, Ace of hearts represented by Virgo sign, Ace of clubs represented by the sign Aquarius, and the ace of spades or swords but by Sagittarius. In a background that would be the universe, the cards thrown to the ground by a hand and a face ... do not know who, or that there is ... I leave to think .... lots of color

  • Placement: Forearm
  • Color: Color
  • Detail level: High


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Naomi Tattoo

This sounds really

This sounds really interesting...what do you mean by this " the cards thrown to the ground by a hand and a face " ?

Naomi Tattoo

Hi ionflux, I'm going to get

Hi ionflux, I'm going to get this reopened, I ran out of time. I'm also going to push more artists on the team to sketch for this. The time kind of escaped me!

Lizzie Oxford

Hi ionflux, thank you for

Hi ionflux, thank you for choosing to submit your design reqeust to i am currently in the process of creating a concept sketch. Is there anything else that you would like to include in the design?

Lizzie Oxford

Hi this is what I have

Hi this is what I have created so far, I hope you like the person as you specified freedom of choice with this part i am planning on adding the cards falling around her showing the signs you asked for and then i am going to work into the background to cover the space theme that you would also like. I have not yet included colour as i would like to work on the lines and get them right first.
Please let me know what you think,
Lizzie Oxford.


Hello, hope you are well, my

Hello, hope you are well, my English is not good but you will understand.
sorry, that picture is not what I want ....
my idea is to represent my family, in a deck of cards, where each card represents one of them, for example, my wife is the queen of hearts, that letter should have all the features of the Queen of Hearts, and the symbol the letter should be the zodiac sign of it, Virgo. My daughter, represented by Ace of clover and your zodiac sign is Aquarius, my Son by Ace of Diamonds, your zodiac sign is Taurus, and the King of Spades, represented by the Sagittarius sign.

that's the idea, the other is your imagination, you decide the background, and the essence
of the tattoo.


Hello, I think I have a good

Hello, I think I have a good idea that you will like. I will work on it now and post it as soon as I finish it. In the mean time I invite you to look at my profile and see if you find my style of your liking.


So, this is an idea I came up

So, this is an idea I came up with for the quin of hearts represented by the virgo sign. Is this something you like? if so I can do the same approach for all 4 cards.

Image type: 
Concept sketch