Completed custom tattoo design
Pocket watch with wings but one wings different to the other.

Total cost: Just $75.00
Created by: Benjamin Wright

Design Request

Pocket watch with wings but one wings different to the other.

Requested by renniewilliams on April 7, 2014

Request status: Transaction Complete

Transaction satisfactorily completed!

This Request has been won by Benjamin Wright. It is now closed.


Current Bids

Bid: $75.00
Naomi Tattoo
Bid: $75.00
Lizzie Oxford
Bid: $75.00
Benjamin Wright
Bid: $75.00
Budget: $75.00

Clock with wings but one wings different to the other. I eventually want a whole Christian sleeve but still have a modern day indi type look to it
with little bit of clouds in the backround just for that extra detail.

  • Placement: Forearm
  • Color: Black and gray
  • Detail level: High
Sample Photos


Korey Kyle's picture

This sounds great...will get on a concept asap! Anything else you can tell us more that you would like incorporated just leave a message :)

djRetroid's picture

Interesting concept. I will also work on some concepts!

Naomi Tattoo's picture

Very cool request! Here's a quick concept sketch to start-let me know what you think so far!

djRetroid's picture

how do you like this concept so far??

Image type: 
Concept sketch
Benjamin Wright's picture

Great request! I would love to help you out designing this piece and making it come to life for you!! :) I will come up with a concept soon :)

Lizzie Oxford's picture

hay thanks for a good design reqeust i shall get a concept sketch to you as soon as possible.
Lizzie Oxford.

MyraJinx's picture

Hey so here is a concept sketch. I do my sketches on paper usually and redo it completely digitally so I don't spend to much time rendering detail in my sketches. This is to give you an idea of what I was thinking. Let me know if you like it :) I can assure you I would create you an awesome design if you pick me. I am in love with the design idea. Anyways, thanks!

Image type: 
Concept sketch
Lizzie Oxford's picture

Hi Rennie Williams,
Thanks again for the awesome design idea, this is my concept sketch and I hope that you like it so far. If you would like any changes I will happily work with you to make this the perfect design and I can add in the clouds that you requested should you decide to choose me as your artist.
Good luck with your final decision and I also wish you well on finishing the whole sleeve.
Lizzie Oxford.

Benjamin Wright's picture

Hey there!

I have got my concept together! As you can see I have taken the inspiration from the one you liked with the detail of the wing you liked. There is still loads and loads of detail and shading to go in and of course, anything at this stage can be changed. I have gone in for the shading to be quite light in the background so it will be easier to add to when you want to expand on the sleeve. I completely forgot what time you wanted the clock face to display!!?

I hope you like where I am going, any written feedback wil be greatly appreciated and help me in moving forward with you!

If you do like it, you can choose me and we will can continue to work together until you have your design perfected :D

Thanks so much for your time,



Naomi V's picture

Hi Rennie, were you ready to add the rest of your funding? Let me know if you have any questions-I'm the Artist Liaison and can help.

Benjamin Wright's picture

Hey Rennie,

Thanks for choosing me :D

I can make those edits you requested no problem!

The image you attached in the pm didn't wwork so if you could post them on this page with the helpful images, that'd be awesome!

Thnaks :D

Benjamin Wright's picture


this is purely to show you the placement of the wings...

Benjamin Wright's picture


How does this look for you? :)

Benjamin Wright's picture

Nice one! I am glad it is how you imagined it! If you don't mind then, could you confirm your satisfaction by pressing the button at the top and I will be able to send you the high resolution files :)

Benjamin Wright's picture

Wicked thanks! I have uploaded the final files, the outlines and finished piece :) Is it ok to just click to confirm you have received them please :) also, on my profile there is a button that says 'review me', is it ok to just wriite a few words in there too please?
I'd love to see it when it is inked!!

Thanks again for choosing me and your custom :)


Benjamin Wright's picture

hey yo!

Is it ok to click that button of confirmation at the top please? :)

Cheers :D

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Budget: $75.00
Funded: $75.00