Pazyryc / Scythian flash

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Pazyryc / Scythian flash

Wild Sau
Requested by Wild Sau Feb 5, 2014 at 10:46am | Schwabach, Bayern (~3,463M)

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Current Bids

Naomi Tattoo
Estimate: $125.00
Budget: $125.00

I have some tattoos from the Pazyryk Chieftan burial and need some other animals that are NOT in the original burial finds.
So i need a flash set with other animals.
Like a Boar, a Wolf, a Hawk, etc.
Someone up to this?

  • Placement: Forearm
  • Color: Black and gray
  • Detail level: Medium
Sample Photos
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Concept Sketches


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Naomi Tattoo

Is the sample photo you

Is the sample photo you uploaded the ones you currently have?
Alex Verdugo

So you want an entire set of

So you want an entire set of flash? What are you going to do with this set?

Wild Sau

The pic is some of what i

The pic is some of what i have.
I got both arms and my shoulders covered but there are some free spaces that i want to fill.
I need flash's drawn for animals in the same style, but of other animals.
My tattoo artist did the set because she liked the idea, but creating new animals in the same style is not her cup of tea.
So i need someone to draw the desired designs.

Naomi Tattoo

I can definitely do that. I

I can definitely do that. I will quickly sketch up a couple in the morning so you can get an idea of what I can do.

Wild Sau

I would love that.

I would love that.

Naomi Tattoo

Very rough, my finished

Very rough, my finished pieces would have the polish that the style requires, but I think you get the idea. Please take a look at my portfolio to see my finished piece as well to get a good idea of what I can do. If you choose me I can agree to do 7 different animals for you as a flash set. Thanks! Naomi

Image type: 
Concept sketch
funded of $125.00 budget
days to go
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