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Outline of 2 roses

Requested by Txcg40 on March 9, 2014

Request status: Closed Without a Winner

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Current Bids

Angel Muro
Bid: $100.00
Korey Kyle
Bid: $160.00
Marco Pizzuti
Bid: $160.00
Naomi Tattoo
Bid: $190.00
Budget: $200.00

Outline only of 2 roses (opened fully) . No color. Placement--left collar bone extending to front of left shoulder . "Count every beautiful thing" placed next to roses falling under the collar bone

  • Placement: Shoulder
  • Color: Black and gray
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Naomi Tattoo's picture

Thank you for adding a deposit, that makes it a lot easier to get this going. I will add a sketch as soon as I can! :)

Benjamin Wright's picture

Oh cool request!! I would love to do a concept for you and will after the weekend :)

Korey Kyle's picture

Working on a concept right now :) will get it to you either tonight or tomorrow :)

Korey Kyle's picture

Here's the design I came up with. Tell me whatcha think :)

Marco Pizzuti's picture

Sketch ready. Sorry for the bad quality, trashin' camera

Image type: 
Concept sketch
Korey Kyle's picture

Here's with the leaves changed. Can change them till you are happy with them :P

Angel Muro's picture

Here's a few designs with some different fonts for ya to choose from, let me know if you like the design!
also, I'd be willing to do this for pretty cheap, so let me know if you like any of them! or if you'd like to see something different with them!

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Budget: $200.00
Funded: $40.00